I really like my job, but some weeks feel longer than others. It’s nothing bad, sometimes a bit overwhelming. And that’s more to do with procedures, not people.  The inevitable paperwork things.  And communication; two teams butting heads over different procedures. So to use what I teach DBT skills,  and instead of being reactive, time to be proactive. Be more flexible, remembering what I can and can’t do. Some of the paperwork I require, I can do. So no biggie.

other than that, I’ve been writing! I love writing! And my poor co-writer, he’s in school. And when he’s not in school, I’m bugging him, “Wanna write? Now? Okay, tomorrow?” Poor guy. I ❤ him and his ability to keep me happy with writing. Yes, I could and do do it on my own. But like most things, it’s more fun when it’s shared!

And I bruised my bicep last weekend. LOL Only me! I was cleaning, and caught a bookshelf with my arm, imagine a linebacker. LOL But yeah, I caught it at the wrong angle, and bazinga, bruised bicep. I’ve been having fun trying to open doors, etc this past week. Arm feels much better and I’m geared up to type, type, type! LOL

so guess what I’m going to go do next? Watch Stargate: Atlantis and write!

Oh yeah…today is an Atlantis marathon day.

Have a beautiful Sunday! I am!

photos later of how beautiful it is here! 🙂