With the severe heat advisories, reposting this!!

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***Important Heat/Summer Information!

Also it is getting hot, and humid outside. Time for sunblock, sunglasses, and hydration!! Even if you think you’re all covered up, UV A/B rays can still go through your clothes. It’s an overcast day, those are dangerous. Please use sunblock, even if you’re in a car all day. One of the worse cases of sun/heat poisoning I had. I had been driving, and the sun roof was open. My shoulders and top of my head-yes, through my hair, my scalp was burnt!!

Your eyes are also very important. Sunglasses cut down on glare when driving, and help keep your eyes from getting eye strain. I have friends that work in optometry, and they always tell me, to wear my sunglasses on very bright and sunny days.

Hydration, I know you’ve all heard about drinking eight glasses of water a day, even in the Winter. Most people don’t feel thirsty, you still need to force yourself to drink some water.

Symptoms of dehydration are here: http://www.symptomsofdehydration.com Please read and be aware. Watch yourself, but if you have children and elderly neighbors or family, check on them as well! Children can’t always communicate well, and the elderly don’t want to complain or be a burden.

Heat stroke information: http://www.medicinenet.com/heat_exhaustion/article.htm

Heat poisoning: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/sun-poisoning-symptoms.html

Summer can be fun! But remember to be safe! A little planning can help avoid a trip to the ER.

Take care!!

ugh…heat/humidity whatever!


okay so earlier I made the mistake of looking at a temperature guage and it was 100 degrees.
just a couple of minutes ago, one of my favorite maintenance guys came by to say hi, and drop off some churros! He’s here after hours, because the compressor is down. Why it’s so hot in my office. No air conditioning! eeeks! 😦
I have a box fan running now. And yes, no noises from the AC unit, so it’s still down. I can only imagine how the people on the floor above me feel. Heat rises. UGH! 😦

good news though, I got a phone call, I’m going to go see a movie after work! Yay!! my popcorn level was getting low. LOL 🙂

please stay cool & Hydrated! Heat is dangerous!!

Wisdom Wednesday ~~~& a lil rant

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Okay for the words of wisdom; when you make a reservation, wait a week and then call and confirm. I’ve been playing phone/email tag this morning confirming my reservation in Chicago for the Wizard World Convention.

They didn’t have me the first time, well duh, they spelled my last name wrong. I get it, it’s not an easy to spell name. Second time, they didn’t have all of my stay. Oops, the first night is full price, we’re arriving a day early. So the stay is split up into two confirmations. ugh

The third time, they didn’t have the occupancy correct.

The fourth time, “Oh by the way, between the first night and the rest of your stay, you will have to change rooms. Check in, check out, check in.”  
OMG! nice to find that out now!

The fifth time…and yes, my bp is going up by now. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He will try to ensure that due to all of this headache this morning, that I might not have to change rooms. OY VEY!

And the sixth time, Name spelled correctly, occupancy is correct, dates/prices are correct, however I didn’t receive the email to print out. Yeah, okay so I’m anal, but after six phone calls, I think I have a right to be.

Thank goodness I’m doing this before I get THERE!

and now for the rest of what’s going on and why I’ve been quiet on here.

We’re back to one car, with two vastly different schedules, so when I go home, I go to bed. Yes, hubs car is back in the shop. NOT at Midas this time. An independent mechanic, that happens to be related to me through marriage. And get this…if Midas had done what they said they did, we still wouldn’t be having problems.

So ring ring, yes. I get on the phone and contact Midas, and then their District Manager, and then their customer service line. The good news; they have refunded the price for the last time we took the car in, as I had a list of what was supposed to have been done, and the list from the new mechanic that it hadn’t been, and that is what has now caused a new problem.  ARRGH!
The good news again; they are fixing all of what should have been fixed originally, and with the refund, I will only have to put hopefully $200 with it.

So more words of wisdom. Get a second opinion!!! Chains are nice, for in and out, easy stuff-it appears. Anything more no. Go to a mechanic shop. Ask around. Prices are comparable, and they have been keeping me in the loop. Nice!!

I hope to have his car back soon. This wouldn’t be so bad if our schedules were only an hour or so apart, and not two-three hours different. oy

little rant #2 ITunes

OMG! they finally got the first part of  Star Trek: Enterprise, “In a Mirror Darkly” available. So I downloaded it, and then went to look for some movies I want. Imagine my surprise, rental only. Who decides what is rental and what isn’t? Seriously?  I don’t want to keep renting every time I want to watch one of my favorite movies. And I can’t seem to find it anymore on dvd. ACK!  If anyone wants to help in my search for a movie, please leave a comment with your email. thank you!

Good news; I just received an iTunes card for an unbirthday present!! Sweet! 😀

And if you live in Indiana, please be careful. We’re still under a heat advisory. I suggest you check out; www.paulpoteet.com sign up for the emails. He is one of the very few meterologists that appear to be accurate in his predictions. 🙂

So I hope everyone is having an amazing day! mine is turning around now. Gotta love it! 😀

now if only the fibro would take an hour or so off, heat/humidty gets to me worse than a cold rainy day! oh well, marching on.

Peace & Happiness

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