***Important Heat/Summer Information!

Also it is getting hot, and humid outside. Time for sunblock, sunglasses, and hydration!! Even if you think you’re all covered up, UV A/B rays can still go through your clothes. It’s an overcast day, those are dangerous. Please use sunblock, even if you’re in a car all day. One of the worse cases of sun/heat poisoning I had. I had been driving, and the sun roof was open. My shoulders and top of my head-yes, through my hair, my scalp was burnt!!

Your eyes are also very important. Sunglasses cut down on glare when driving, and help keep your eyes from getting eye strain. I have friends that work in optometry, and they always tell me, to wear my sunglasses on very bright and sunny days.

Hydration, I know you’ve all heard about drinking eight glasses of water a day, even in the Winter. Most people don’t feel thirsty, you still need to force yourself to drink some water.

Symptoms of dehydration are here: http://www.symptomsofdehydration.com Please read and be aware. Watch yourself, but if you have children and elderly neighbors or family, check on them as well! Children can’t always communicate well, and the elderly don’t want to complain or be a burden.

Heat stroke information: http://www.medicinenet.com/heat_exhaustion/article.htm

Heat poisoning: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/sun-poisoning-symptoms.html

Summer can be fun! But remember to be safe! A little planning can help avoid a trip to the ER.

Take care!!