Been a really long day. I arrived at 8am, and my co-worker from overnights was still on site.

I had people waiting to be seen by me. And some consults as well. Along with my scheduled appointment.

so…I hit the gate running, and didn’t stop till ten minutes before I was due to leave.

Thank goodness for girlfriends! I needed a ride home, and not only did she give me a ride home, she stopped and got me Starbucks!! And I tried a new one, mocha/caramel. mmm, that was delish!

Good news via email too, some items I did a ‘Buy it now’ on eBay was shipped today and due to be delivered by end of business tmrw. One is already in Indianapolis.

And now, my power is out to half the house, that half would be the air conditioning, the refrigerator, and omg! I’m trying to find an electrician now!

wish me luck…Oy Vey!!!


***Update: AC back on, plugged fridge into half of house that is working.

hubs taking a fuse to get it tested, if dead, getting a new one.