So next weekend starts my vacation!!! Woot!!! 🙂

I’m going to Wizard World Chicago, and well..I’ve been wanting to get my hair done. And no real time to make an appt due to 1)my schedule, and 2)us being with one car lately. So imagine my surprise when this morning I stop at one of my Favorite hair/spa Salons; Salon Elclipxe in Muncie! If you want some wonderful customer service, great color, and omg, she got my hair cut perfectly!!! Knew exactly what a modified Gypsy Shag was!! faints! lol So I was a walk in that was accommodated. The new stylist, well to me. The stylist I used to see here, left. She was intrigued by what I wanted, and decided she could take me! woot! 🙂

Then I went to the nail salon and was taken right in for my pedi. And they started the mani too. I had to go pick up hubs from work. So I was kind of on a time limit. Hair color took a little bit longer. But I have some really pretty hair! And some super Barbie Hot Pink nails!!! ooh la la!

Then I stopped at Starbuck’s to get a new frappe! Have ya’ll tried the Mocha Caramel, it’s like liquid caffeinated Milky way! so yummy good! And I ran into one of my old Prof’s from my undergrad at Ball State. Who, bought my frappe for me! Sweet! we talked for a little bit, exchanged our info via ‘bumping’ our iPhones. I love tech!!

I got back on the road to head towards home, and pick up hubs at work. We stopped at Wally world and I got a new iTunes card, need to download a movie or two to watch at work tomorrow-I’m on call from 8-8, and with only one car. Easier to just drop me off and take my iPad loaded to entertain me. lol 🙂 Plus I can do some writing or some new artwork. And lol more Starbucks before heading home.

oooh, hubs had grabbed a movie for me at Wally world, I know a lot don’t like, Wolverine. But I do. And I’m really wanting to see the new X-Men First Class, and now I have to wait till September for the bluray. Yeah, totally missed it in the theater. oops! So it’s been a lovely day weather wise, and a lovely day with all the nice surprises too!!!

And a pic next of my new hair color, it’s like a cherry cola, cherry on top, moving to cola at the bottom, I really like the way it turned out. 🙂


yeah, it’s hard to see in the lighting in my house, outdoors it’s Wow! lol

*** Oh and duh! An update. On Friday we had an electrician come over and they fixed the issue. A wire was not connected correctly, glad we had him over now! And Bonus, he put a plug in my outside room, so I can run the mini ac out there, when I’m out on the back room and writing. All in all, for I think, I don’t know if this was an emergency contact, it was under a $100. That is much better than what I was thinking.