woohooo pt 2

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so, finally Instagram on the iPhone 4 is working now! woot!

now, if only Twitterlator would play nicely with me.

this is an older photo, still relevant! and now, I can share again. Woot! 🙂


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I’m sooo happy! I got my main computer up and running, and now I’m painting an art piece, that my co-writer sent me of our characters! It’s sooo beautiful. I can’t wait to see it, when I’m done! lol
hopefully, I make it look as good, as I can see it my mind’s eye. 🙂

ummm….oops and ugh!

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so I’ve had a migraine since we got back from vacay. And guess what? It was probably telling me, I was sick.

The blood pressure spikes I had on Tuesday and Wednesday were another warning sign. Esp since I didn’t have any other warning signs that this was another stroke. No numbing or tingling.

On Thursday I go see the doc, and I’m running a very high fever, BP not spiking, but not normal. My left ear has been hurting like crazy. And the nurse found blood in it. And it’s all red and irritated. She checked a lot of other stuff, and oooh guess what? I have a severe sinus infection. I was given a prescription for an antibiotic. And once again, relax, elevate your legs, do nothing strenuous or that would cause stress.

Some things to me, are just common sense, I was told to stay home Friday, but without a note. Yeah, it didn’t happen.

And some things that happened on Friday, I was surprised my BP didn’t spike!
I treat ppl with respect, and it surprises me, how some ppl think I’m a yelling bag. That it’s okay to yell at me. I do my job, and I do it well. If you don’t like it, don’t yell at me. That just leaves a bad impression when I have to ‘deal’ with you again. See I’m saying deal, not have a conversation with the person. Yeah, words do mean a lot. There is a difference in meaning between; friend and acquaintance. Which would you rather be? I made it through my entire work shift, of course, I had to apologize to some ppl for snapping at them. When I’m sick, have a migraine (Cat 3) and I don’t feel good, I tend to SNAP! I’m not in the mood to have ppl get sarcastic with me. I know, right? on a normal day, Bring it ON! so yes, that’s how some ppl finally got a clue, I wasn’t feeling good!

ooh, forgot a good thing this week at work, Thanks to my girlfriend!! 🙂 I passed two certifications, and one of them is good for two years!! I was so doing the happy dance in my chair. Two years without having to take a test! the other, it’s good for a year, still very cool!

and more later….But for now, for my Friends on the East Coast, please please be careful!! I’ve been watching the footage of Hurricane Irene. Be careful!!

a rant ….I mean wtf?!?


okay ppl on Tumblr, use a dictionary! WTF is creys????? Last I looked it it was cries, or crying.

and using the word rape, as a slang term, let me quote ya’ll, “Bitch, Please!” Obviously you’ve never met a rape survivor, you wouldn’t be using this word in such a willy nilly effing fashion! I mean OMFG!

today’s teens seem to have no common sense, and no, not all teens, just some of them I’ve run across while stumbling through tumblr. I mean seriously, do they not realize that being underage and posting NUDE pix of themselves is not only completely stupid, but it’s a crime! Yeah, hello future sex offender. Posting pix of underage naked kids is porn and that’s illegal in the US of A! Yes! Even if it’s of yourself.
Btw, I hope you have thought of the other consequences of your actions, but I also see this quote a lot, “I don’t give a fuck!” Well, guess what, some of you teens should. Want to get into a good college, have a decent job, not get bullied, not get your parent’s fired from their jobs, then use that grey matter between your ears, and knock the shit off!

Whatever happened to common sense, common courtesy, and self respect?
Basically when I see this teens doing this, I see it as attention seeking behavior. BTW what type of attention are you seeking???? You might want to stop and see what type of ppl you are attracting.

any who, I swear! yes and in multiple languages! I know not all teens do this, where are they?

I’m unfollowing quite a few ppl on Tumblr, and sticking with the pretty pix sites.

oh and on another rant, teenagers that seem to enjoy glorifying war! Really? Wow! Wake up! There is nothing glorious about losing limbs, or life! Please stop and think, I know, I know. “It’s my blog, I’ll post what I effin’ want!”

anywho, I’ll do another update shortly on my health…. rant over!


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Oy vey.

Today started out fine. Nothing stressful, or so I thought. Went did some stuff, ran a little late to lunch, hakuna matata. Went & got some lunch. Came back to finish my stuff up, and on the way back from the hospital, I started feeling funny. Not ha ha funny, but oh let me get back upstairs funny. Made it to a colleagues office. Bent over, I could feel myself trying to pass out. A nurse was called, took my blood pressure, & wooo it was 166/108. That’s uh not good!

A supervisor was staffed with, and I went to the local Va ER.

Why, don’t veterans get decent health care? Seriously!

So, I wasn’t “dying, or bleeding.” So I didn’t need a bed, or a doctor. “A nurse will be with you shortly.”

Now nothing against nurses, they are awesome! However I have a history of: TIA’s aka mini strokes, and pretty sure I had a stroke. Depending which VA doc you talk to. Again, why don’t we get decent health care?

So, I was given a higher dosage of my BP meds, made to sit still, BP checked again, “It’s fine.” not like they told me the numbers. Then, I was sent home, take your meds, elevate your legs, and drink plenty of fluids.

Uh, DUH! That’s all common sense to me. I work in the medical field!

So I’m home. Downloaded some Hugh Jackman movies. I’m supposed to stay calm, no strenuous activities. And woot! I found out how to own, not rent a movie!

Let me share; iTunes searches pull up the High Def movies, you can own some of them- very expensive. Or some are rental ONLY! However, click on standard def! Tada! You can now rent or buy! Much cheaper too!

Anywho, I’m relaxin. No, seriously, I really don’t like that feeling I had earlier.

Take care, take your meds, and drink plenty of fluids! Good advice!


Please answer; it’s not rocket science. lol

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lol had to share this


maybe it’s not molasses, but kittens? LOL

Thank you!

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My lovely subscribers, you’ve made my day! Hugs

You can tell it’s Monday….

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When your poor computer doesn’t want to work. LOL 🙂 no, seriously, Monday’s on my work computer is awful. The entire system seems to have molasses in the wires. I know, that’s not possible, but that’s how slow and sluggish it is.

And oy vey, when are the gas prices due to go down. Filled up, and it was $50. ~le sigh~ for the days of yore when a fill up was $5.

and hmmm? what else?? I’ve been back on Twitter, oy. I have missed it. Still having issues with the app on my phone. One reason why I’m so quiet. Work, yeah they block the fun sites. Not that I blame ’em. And I was having way to much fun on vacation to even think of tweeting. My posts here, get published there as well. So hopefully my friends saw all the cool pix.

My writing and art muse are waking up. I’ve been doing some doodles of some art idea’s I have. And woot! It’s Monday that means my co-writer can write tonight. He’s starting his Final’s week soon, so send him lots and oodles of good positive vibes! I totally know he’s got this! 🙂 Yes! You do! lol

so, and now to go get some cake, and milk, and poke him! lol 🙂

laters and have an Awesome week!

LOL Been saying OMS! instead of OMG! lol I’m soo weird, but that’s why I’m so much fun to hang out with.

ps-I’ll be posting some interesting pix on here from my Tumblr page, I’m really getting tired of the tweenie drama on there. I wish they had an adult’s only Tumblr. Most sites have realized the necessity of Adult’s Only areas. sheesh!

I’m a big kid


so earlier today we went to go see the Smurf’s movie, and I liked it overall, my favorite quote, “I kissed a smurf and I liked it.” by Smurfette voiced by Katie Perry. to cute!

And then I found the newest Monster High Clawdeen Wolf, yes I collect dolls. My interest are in Unique dolls. And the Monster High, I wish these had been around when I was younger. Very cool, imo!

I own the following:
The Original

Dawn of the Dance

Gloom Beach

The 2011 Back to School

The one’s I want!

other than having a nice day, I’m just chillaxing, writing and watching Criminal Minds.

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