So it’s the day we leave for Comic Con, well at 3am in the morning, so I guess that would be tomorrow. lol 🙂

I’m finishing up some laundry, clothes I want to take! Especially since a few of them were bought to wear on vacation. 🙂 Yes, girls are weird. Or maybe just me?

I’ve made sure that the tix and room reservations are in my purse. Have the chargers for the iPhone and the iPad! Need to find the tubes for posters, and the holders for art! Pack them. The cooler for the trip is already packed. Water, snacks, and some other drinks for the hotel room. What? LOL

Hubs is looking at the site again, “Why didn’t you get these tix?” Uh, one to expensive and two not really what I want to do. If I wanted to hang around a bunch of drunk geeks, I know where to go. And I don’t! so…

any who, we finished another story, and it’s being beta’d right now. Hope to have it up soon, and we’re working on another story. I love writing!! It is one of the things that make me the happiest!

oooh, I just received a package in the mail. I love packages! Such a pretty too! Definitely going with me now!

so back to laundry and packing. Do I really need this too? Naaah! lol 🙂
laptop or no laptop??? we’ll see. I do have the iPad and the hotel confirmed, they do have wifi!! woot!:)