oy, hubs woke me up at 2am, alarm was set for 3am….and then we decided to leave by 3am. Construction all over the route we planned, not regular construction, but closed roads- detour construction. And we still made it to Chicago and our hotel by 9a. That’s also stopping for breakfast on the way. And we lost an hour!!
Here in Chicago, we’re an hour behind Indiana time.

When we got the hotel, it was six hours before actual check in time. Yay! for being a Gold member, they took my cell # and called us in approx 45 minutes. We have a beautiful room, with some interesting views. I’m happy I got a balcony. Sitting on it while typing this blog entry. 🙂

And yeah, the airport, O’Hare is nearby, like really really close. Every 5 minutes, “Look there’s a plane.” This is already getting old. LMAO yeah, smart asses R Us! lol

But woot! I don’t care! I’m on vacation! 🙂

And I’m planning on getting some of the movies on the telly in the room; X-Men First Class, Thor, Priest. We’re a day early for the convention, so what the heck! lol
I just need to pop down to the gift shop, get some microwave popcorn, stop by the Starbuck’s in the lobby and I’ll be set to veg out in front of the tv, on my comfy bed. LOL
I’m weird, but on vacations, I get a suite with double beds. 🙂 No fighting, no fidgeting, I stretch out and veg out! It’s great. Now if only room service offered a massage therapist! 🙂

till later…

I’m veging on the comfy bed!

“Look it’s a plane!” LOL