Yes we arrived a day early. And I’m easily bored. Of course, I’m also easily amused. So it works.
spent a few hours wandering around and taking some photos.
And bonus some of these are sneak peeks of what’s awaiting in the convention center. Have I mentioned, I love sky bridges.
**Captions underneath the pretty photos.

This is our lovely hotel. Big on the outside, and our room is large as well. Not a walk in closet. 🙂

One of the lovely art sculptures.

Such a beautiful and functional piece of artwork. One of the light sculptures in the restaurant here. Wonderful food as well.

My dinner, the steak was done just right. The flat bean pods, never had them before, however I will again, very tasty!

some pretty flowers, outside of the convention center.

And now that’s a pretty water addition to the front of the convention center, with the Rosemont logo.

one of the main skybridges, welcoming people to the Convention!

lol another shot of the interior of the hotel.

And one of the sneak peeks into the convention center. The Batmobile and the Ecto.

And watching a few of the vendors hard at work setting up their booths.
***oooh, I didn’t notice before, “HI!” You can see my reflection, as I’m taking the photo. coool 🙂

I love wandering through the skybridges, aka the Human Habitrails. I just have to much fun, going through the convention center and into the other hotels, mingle mingle mingle. What? I’m a social butterfly. “Well Hello!”

And another water sculpture on the side of the convention center.

and finally; Look it’s a Plane! lmao 🙂

more soon….