Warning! There is nudity in some of these pix, you’ve Been Warned!

omg, poor hubs, never gonna to live down that new nickname. I just like it to much! 🙂 I’m cute and a lil evil. 😀 LOL

so unto the pictures, And as I mentioned earlier, if you know my preferences, you know which are mine, and which are his purchases.

I’ll be doing my commissioned Briana pieces in a separate post. 🙂

once I get her outta the package, it may be easier to see, she’s got a little “Mouse Boy” in her mouth. lol

cute little anime witch figure

Fluff, I’ll be looking for more of their stuff! =^.^=

How Big of a Tarot Fan are you?
I have the original, the Variant, and the Book!! squeee! oh excuse me, fan girling! lol 🙂

ok, some might not guess, the Queen is Mine! 🙂