it’s true! Boys and girls do see things differently. I tend to write some things subtlety, however after discussing with my co-writer (male) to subtle. oops! sometimes getting a balance right, isn’t that easy.

I’m writing a female character, and at the moment, she’s a being a bit of a drama queen. Actually way outside of her normal self. But some of this is reflective of what I’m dealing with, and what some of my female readers have asked for. How would she react to this??? Well…and apparently, yeah…I’m doing it right, because my male co-writer is pretty much annoyed with me, I think. He won’t come out and say it. But…I think he is. I would be too. lol

so…what to do? what to do? Change tracks, and get back to writing so it’s fun for him again, too. one day, I’ll expand on the discussion from my view point.

actually, I think a side story, to expand my thinking re; drama Queen Bri would be a good idea too! 🙂 thoughts?? LOL