When your poor computer doesn’t want to work. LOL 🙂 no, seriously, Monday’s on my work computer is awful. The entire system seems to have molasses in the wires. I know, that’s not possible, but that’s how slow and sluggish it is.

And oy vey, when are the gas prices due to go down. Filled up, and it was $50. ~le sigh~ for the days of yore when a fill up was $5.

and hmmm? what else?? I’ve been back on Twitter, oy. I have missed it. Still having issues with the app on my phone. One reason why I’m so quiet. Work, yeah they block the fun sites. Not that I blame ’em. And I was having way to much fun on vacation to even think of tweeting. My posts here, get published there as well. So hopefully my friends saw all the cool pix.

My writing and art muse are waking up. I’ve been doing some doodles of some art idea’s I have. And woot! It’s Monday that means my co-writer can write tonight. He’s starting his Final’s week soon, so send him lots and oodles of good positive vibes! I totally know he’s got this! 🙂 Yes! You do! lol

so, and now to go get some cake, and milk, and poke him! lol 🙂

laters and have an Awesome week!

LOL Been saying OMS! instead of OMG! lol I’m soo weird, but that’s why I’m so much fun to hang out with.

ps-I’ll be posting some interesting pix on here from my Tumblr page, I’m really getting tired of the tweenie drama on there. I wish they had an adult’s only Tumblr. Most sites have realized the necessity of Adult’s Only areas. sheesh!