Oy vey.

Today started out fine. Nothing stressful, or so I thought. Went did some stuff, ran a little late to lunch, hakuna matata. Went & got some lunch. Came back to finish my stuff up, and on the way back from the hospital, I started feeling funny. Not ha ha funny, but oh let me get back upstairs funny. Made it to a colleagues office. Bent over, I could feel myself trying to pass out. A nurse was called, took my blood pressure, & wooo it was 166/108. That’s uh not good!

A supervisor was staffed with, and I went to the local Va ER.

Why, don’t veterans get decent health care? Seriously!

So, I wasn’t “dying, or bleeding.” So I didn’t need a bed, or a doctor. “A nurse will be with you shortly.”

Now nothing against nurses, they are awesome! However I have a history of: TIA’s aka mini strokes, and pretty sure I had a stroke. Depending which VA doc you talk to. Again, why don’t we get decent health care?

So, I was given a higher dosage of my BP meds, made to sit still, BP checked again, “It’s fine.” not like they told me the numbers. Then, I was sent home, take your meds, elevate your legs, and drink plenty of fluids.

Uh, DUH! That’s all common sense to me. I work in the medical field!

So I’m home. Downloaded some Hugh Jackman movies. I’m supposed to stay calm, no strenuous activities. And woot! I found out how to own, not rent a movie!

Let me share; iTunes searches pull up the High Def movies, you can own some of them- very expensive. Or some are rental ONLY! However, click on standard def! Tada! You can now rent or buy! Much cheaper too!

Anywho, I’m relaxin. No, seriously, I really don’t like that feeling I had earlier.

Take care, take your meds, and drink plenty of fluids! Good advice!