okay ppl on Tumblr, use a dictionary! WTF is creys????? Last I looked it it was cries, or crying.

and using the word rape, as a slang term, let me quote ya’ll, “Bitch, Please!” Obviously you’ve never met a rape survivor, you wouldn’t be using this word in such a willy nilly effing fashion! I mean OMFG!

today’s teens seem to have no common sense, and no, not all teens, just some of them I’ve run across while stumbling through tumblr. I mean seriously, do they not realize that being underage and posting NUDE pix of themselves is not only completely stupid, but it’s a crime! Yeah, hello future sex offender. Posting pix of underage naked kids is porn and that’s illegal in the US of A! Yes! Even if it’s of yourself.
Btw, I hope you have thought of the other consequences of your actions, but I also see this quote a lot, “I don’t give a fuck!” Well, guess what, some of you teens should. Want to get into a good college, have a decent job, not get bullied, not get your parent’s fired from their jobs, then use that grey matter between your ears, and knock the shit off!

Whatever happened to common sense, common courtesy, and self respect?
Basically when I see this teens doing this, I see it as attention seeking behavior. BTW what type of attention are you seeking???? You might want to stop and see what type of ppl you are attracting.

any who, I swear! yes and in multiple languages! I know not all teens do this, where are they?

I’m unfollowing quite a few ppl on Tumblr, and sticking with the pretty pix sites.

oh and on another rant, teenagers that seem to enjoy glorifying war! Really? Wow! Wake up! There is nothing glorious about losing limbs, or life! Please stop and think, I know, I know. “It’s my blog, I’ll post what I effin’ want!”

anywho, I’ll do another update shortly on my health…. rant over!