so I’ve had a migraine since we got back from vacay. And guess what? It was probably telling me, I was sick.

The blood pressure spikes I had on Tuesday and Wednesday were another warning sign. Esp since I didn’t have any other warning signs that this was another stroke. No numbing or tingling.

On Thursday I go see the doc, and I’m running a very high fever, BP not spiking, but not normal. My left ear has been hurting like crazy. And the nurse found blood in it. And it’s all red and irritated. She checked a lot of other stuff, and oooh guess what? I have a severe sinus infection. I was given a prescription for an antibiotic. And once again, relax, elevate your legs, do nothing strenuous or that would cause stress.

Some things to me, are just common sense, I was told to stay home Friday, but without a note. Yeah, it didn’t happen.

And some things that happened on Friday, I was surprised my BP didn’t spike!
I treat ppl with respect, and it surprises me, how some ppl think I’m a yelling bag. That it’s okay to yell at me. I do my job, and I do it well. If you don’t like it, don’t yell at me. That just leaves a bad impression when I have to ‘deal’ with you again. See I’m saying deal, not have a conversation with the person. Yeah, words do mean a lot. There is a difference in meaning between; friend and acquaintance. Which would you rather be? I made it through my entire work shift, of course, I had to apologize to some ppl for snapping at them. When I’m sick, have a migraine (Cat 3) and I don’t feel good, I tend to SNAP! I’m not in the mood to have ppl get sarcastic with me. I know, right? on a normal day, Bring it ON! so yes, that’s how some ppl finally got a clue, I wasn’t feeling good!

ooh, forgot a good thing this week at work, Thanks to my girlfriend!! 🙂 I passed two certifications, and one of them is good for two years!! I was so doing the happy dance in my chair. Two years without having to take a test! the other, it’s good for a year, still very cool!

and more later….But for now, for my Friends on the East Coast, please please be careful!! I’ve been watching the footage of Hurricane Irene. Be careful!!