Fair weather or stormy weather; Friendship

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So…I’ve been finding out lately who my fair weather friends are. And this knowledge saddens me. 😦

I’m there for you no matter the season, or the weather. I’d appreciate the same treatment. But therein lies the problem. You obviously need me, more than I need you.

I’ve been having a time lately, nothing really bad. But I am finding out who is and who isn’t willing to stand by me. And the thing is, this isn’t anything that really matters, except to me. And the real kick in the pants, I’ve stood up for them! When it really matters.

I don’t believe I’m a mean person, or rude, or disrespectful. Yes, I am a smartass. But even then, I don’t mean it in a hurtful way. I’ve told ppl before, if I say something that you take wrong/offensive, For heaven’s sake ask me to clarify! I never intentionally set out to hurt ppl!! but damn, seems no one has a problem hurting me! and yeah, that makes me sad! 😦

Unfortunately, I do speak sarcasm fluently. Ppl, it’s a defense mechanism. So ask yourself, why? Why is she speaking in sarcasm? Interesting, another chance to open a dialogue, and no one appears to take the chance. sighs… 😦

for those that feel this is about you…interesting, let’s see what you do next?

that’s not sarcasm, btw. That’s me, trying to figure out if you care enough.

Argument for….

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Arguement to please get sex education back into schools! If a young girl is asking this question, then obviously her parents can’t explain it to her, and looking this up on the internet????? I mean really?
I’d much rather an educated teacher explain to her the facts!

This one, I didn’t edit…so oops sorry…but you’ve posted this on a public forum, so…

Really? This argument is invalid, due to the fact that it appears she needs poor marks for her English skills; spelling, grammar.

oy, I am saddened today!
I think I’m going to sign off of the internet, and go read a book!

*** edited for my own spelling errors…sigh, sorry tired. later


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“‎Everybody who writes is engaged in the remarkable enterprise of making consciousness manifest—catching the slipperiest of substance, a thought, and nailing it to a page. It is amazing, when you think about it, that people should even try to do such a thing; that they would occasionally succeed nearly miraculous. And, indeed, there is something spiritual about the act of writing. When it’s done in a slovenly manner or in bad faith, it seems somehow sacrilegious. When it’s done well, we should stand back and regard it with a kind of reverence.”
— Ben Yagoda, The Sound on the Page

La la la la laaaaaaaaa

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woo, been an interesting day!
Not a lot of ppl at Pagan Pride day this year, and I think that is somewhat telling. I myself, got a little discouraged/frustrated with some of the handouts I read. I always pride myself on being a tolerant person. I am open to agree with disagreement. What that means, I myself, may not agree with your specific opinion, however I agree that you have the right to have it. And then I expect the same. Which 90% of the time, does actually happen.

so when I read a sign today from the Norse branch, it kind of upset me. To quote, “My God has a hammer! Your God was nailed to a Cross!”
I’m sorry, that is disrespectful, not to mention inaccurate!!
So many Pagans, get a bad reputation, and uh…the above quote might be a reason why! I have been out of the broom closet for years, and I handle things with a sense of humor. “No, I’m not a black witch. I’m not a white witch. I’m a Green witch.” Which then allows for further discussion. Let’s start a discussion, not a yelling screaming, burning the witch at the stake thingie here people!! omg!

So after being somewhat disappointed in the turnout, the attitudes of the people, and missing seeing some people that didn’t show this year, (and now I know why). We went to a New Age bookstore. The people that weren’t at the festivities were here. YAY! 🙂 and a better time was had!
In other news at the store, I picked up some clothing, lovely outfits that Yes, I will be wearing to work. And then a new piece of jewelry that is just what I’ve wanted for a while. It’s an Amethyst Pendulum that you wear. So when I find myself out of sorts, I can look at the pendulum and feel more in control of my surrounds. Reasoning; if it ain’t rocking, then I’m okay. Sort of like a compass if you will. I don’t know, may just be me and my weird thoughts. lol 🙂

and then we got home, I took a long nap. Woke up just in time, to get called onto duty half an hour early. So I’m now on duty, and at the office. I’m debating…go home, try to get a little more sleep? Or? Stay here for a bit, and do some Tumblr’ing and obviously, I’m blogging. LOL 🙂 talk to my Best Friend on the phone? OR Go get some more sleep.

All the chaotic vibes/feelings from earlier gave me a headache, and I’ve been feeling out of sorts. Yes, think when you’re in a room with a cranky person. You’re fine, but later you start to feel awful. Exactly that! The amethyst pendulum has some magical properties that allow for healing. And yes, when I put it on, it felt like my headache was going away. But then again, your mind is a powerful tool-so if you believe that something is going to work. Then omg, it’s going to work. Why people can get very sick, even if nothing is physically wrong with them.

lalalalalalala laaaaaa I’m thinking maybe go outside, enjoy the Autumn air, have a smoke and make a decision then. 🙂
I hope ya’ll have had a wonderful Saturday so far!
Peace, hugs and Blessings. )0(

Happy Autumnal Equinox


Today is the “Official” first day of Fall!

Read more on the Autumnal Equinox:

I took a really nice walk this morning, enjoying the crisp fall air. It would’ve been perfect if the leaves had been falling while I was walking. But hey, that’s just me. 🙂

It was a lovely day, and I wore my favorite denim skirt, jacket combo. Only one small itsy problem. My feet got cold. One of my girlfriend’s at work, took me to a sports store at lunch, and there I found some really cute knee high socks. 🙂 Naturally, I had to get two pairs. The price was just a sweet deal.
And I found out that I can order some too. One is a nice thin blend, and they are really comfortable, no pinching by the knee. The other is a thicker blend, but still cute and fashionable.

Tomorrow in Indianapolis, at Broadripple Park is the Pagan Pride Day get together! so any local Pagan’s? I’ll be there early, with hopefully a bag of canned food goods for the local Food Bank. And I’ll be staying for a while. Last year, I wasn’t able to get there, this year, I’ve made an adjustment to my schedule, and Yes! I’m looking forward to this.
Read more on Pagan Pride Day here:

I hope all of you have been having a wonderful week! And here’s to a beautiful weekend!
look around and enjoy the beauty of Nature, you might have missed how it looks when the sun is coming through the trees, and the leaves are hit at just the right angle. It’s like a mini-color explosion. 🙂

some days are just awesome

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Nothing really special has happened, but it’s still been an awesome day!

Wednesday’s is the day I facilitate my DBT Life Skills class, and I love doing that. The interaction between the group member’s and myself is always interesting.

When I was younger, I did want to be a teacher, and I admit, I get a lot of personal satisfaction, out of teaching the various skills, and then listening to my students discuss how they use them. Or ask questions. The whole dynamic is just Dynamic!! 🙂

in other news, tomorrow is our Staff Appreciation Day, and we get fed! lol 🙂

I hope everyone has had a very lovely Wednesday!!

Which effect is better?

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A) Drop

B) Reflection



So today is my birthday! And um, my fam forgot!

I shouldn’t let this bother me, but it does!! I try not to forget ppl’s birthdays because I know how much this shit hurts.

thank goodness for my real friends, that have called me today and wished me a happy birthday! Friends at work that gave me presents- I told them that they didn’t have to, their friendship is the real present. And my real friends that have sent me email birthday wishes!! Ya’ll are the bestest!! Thank you!!! Honestly!

my girlfriend knows I like the smurf’s, and so she got me the smurfette lip balm. Smells sweet! 🙂

And then I stopped by Best Buy today, and got myself Sanctuary season 3 on DVD. I’ll be ordering myself season’s 1 & 2 for Yule. 🙂 and omg, some of the scenes, I do not remember seeing on the TV show. Without giving away spoilers, omg! Get this set!! Great writing!!! seriously!!!
Amanda Tapping, Ryan Robbins, Robin Dunne, Christopher Heyerdahl,Agam Darshi.
And then we have some wonderful guest cameos. The stories though are what keeps me coming back!

and then when I got home, hubs is up, and sorry with what happened, he made me some coffee, tucked me into bed, so I can watch the DVD’s in comfort, and brought me Birthday Cake Pops.

so today is half and half birthday! And it goes to prove, you may be born into a family, but as you grow up, your family is who you make it! Thank goodness for my made Family! They haven’t forgotten!! 🙂 ❤ You guys!

ackack ACK

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twitteralator still not playing nice with me!
so #FF my friends & families

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