from a friend! HUGS Sweetie!

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received this the other, my favorite artist, Jolly Jack.
Link to his site: http://www.collectedcurios.com/

Watch out for the horde of Plot Bunnies! lol

ugh and blah and meh and ….

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Damn! I’m sore. I have a migraine, and I’m just whiny! 😦 I hate being whiny!

I’ve been sitting/laying in bed willing my body to stop hurting and taken some ibuprofen to get rid of the migraine. I’m just all ugh! this hurts.

sorry, not very positive tonight. but with days like this when my head and body hurts, I can’t stay positive all day. I save it for the people, client’s that really need it. And then I come home, collapse and try to not snap at the hubs. It’s not his fault. Hell, he fixed dinner. I couldn’t eat a lot, it just tasted off. And he’s fixed coffee to help with my migraine. It’s good, but then I can always drink coffee. I’m sitting here rolling my neck back and forth trying to stretch it out, and relieve the pain. But it’s cracking, popping and now it’s hurting more. Oh…I need to find my rice bag and go heat it up. Try to relax.

In other news, I didn’t write at all today, I just couldn’t…I would start and then…nothing. And I’ve had lots of little plot bunnies following me around all day. Hopping in and out. No, they aren’t hallucinations. I don’t ‘really’ see them. They are like story ideas that pop into my head. But a friend of mine once called these ideas “plot bunnies” and that name has stuck me with since. Especially when she sent me a thesaurus and a little bunny figurine. Now that’s a supportive friend. And it doesn’t hurt that she herself is a PhD and a writer. She writes some of my favorite Enterprise fan fic. (fan fic= Fan Fiction)
If someone wants to read my favorite of her stories, let me know. However, FYI-it is a slash story. For the unenlightened, those are stories of the same sex. Funny for me though, her’s was the first believable story of this genre, and made me figure out the attraction of people that love reading slash. It is a story of progression. Seriously, it is a good story!! Well written, and paced. It isn’t rushed, or feels off. It is a nice progression of the relationship. Damn, I am going to go re-read it soon! lol 🙂

so now time to go and do some writing of my own.
I’ll bring up the book I’m reading soon, if anyone wants to discuss books. I enjoy J.R. Ward, Mercedes Lackey, Robert Graves, and a lot of classic Greek. The Iliad is one of my favorite of all time! 🙂

later, peace

yes, I am a total Greek Geek, the Parthenon in Nashville, Tenn.

and a website to check it out:

Well, the link inserter doesn’t appear to want to work, so copy/paste: http://www.nashville.gov/parthenon/

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