okay, I know the economy is bad. So I do my best to inject the green stuff ($$$) into it.

I’m getting ready for the upcoming holiday season, and decided to go to my local Staple’s to see what they could do. Imagine my surprise, when one the clerk wants to argue with me, and I asked a simple question. Then two, he calls me stupid.

Well right there is when I left the store!

The project I have, would’ve given them a nice cash drop, and I know they can do it, the Staple’s in Muncie has done it for me before. So…here’s the thing. I don’t like being called stupid! It’s rude, and it’s ignorant! And even though the Staple’s in Muncie can do this, at the mo, I just don’t feel like giving my hard earned money to a company that allows employees to get away with arguing, yelling and calling their customer’s stupid!

Staple’s-what’cha gonna do to get me to return? Cause I have other options! How badly do you want to show you care about the service your customer’s receive in your stores!

I mean, like really?