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Makes the world go round… Right?

okay, so most everyone that knows me, knows I’m a Wiccan. And uh, one of my favorite holidays is right around the corner. I know I’m not allowed to wear any of my pentacles or Wiccan jewelry to work. Fine. so be it.

But I’m not allowed to wear any jewelry that looks “New Agey” meaning, no crystals. That I’m at a complete loss of words for. Honestly!

However I can see people wearing the “Angel Wings” Nothing against Angels, I have a guardian one sometimes. But how can you deny me a crystal point, when others walk around with wings? I’m just asking. I know better than to take this to HR, they wear a crucifix. Still hakuna matata!

also I need a jewelry designer to help me out with a design I’ve got in my head. I love Rose Gold, and I want a rose gold pentacle. Cause yeah, I’m weird…whatever? I think it would be pretty. But…the design will disguise the fact that it’s a pentacle. See why I need help? LOL 🙂

updated: oooh, maybe a crystal point, with wings??? What do ya’ll think? 🙂

so Peace )0(

ps-if I can’t show my faith, why can others? quid pro quo.
Diversity is a beautiful thing, and not everyone on the Earth belongs to the same religious view point. I’m just saying….bummed out here. Next thing you know, my pumpkin on my desk will have to go.


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I’m on Tumblr, main reason, I like the pretty pictures! I have good reference material I’ve gleaned from there. And some of the photos have given me Muse material.

However, this morning…another reason why I’m on Tumblr has proven to come true. Which is quite SAD! 😦

I have neices and nephews that are on Tumblr, and since they won’t tell their parents what it is, the parents have asked me to follow them, and ppl that they follow. Stalking? Maybe? But this a good cause/reason. They are all underage!!

So what did I see this morning? One of my neices buck-naked in a few pics, and then later on, pictures of her giving oral sex!!

OY freakin VEY! what to do? Talk to her first, or talk to her parents who I know are going to flip out over this. I think this weekend, I’m going to take a drive and take them to lunch to explain what is, and isn’t proper behavior for an adolescent.

I have warned ppl before, what you put out on the internet, can and will come back and bite you in the ass! If they are lucky, I will get to talk to them first. That’s if none of their little friends escalate the issue, and text it all over school!!

I’m at work, and can’t leave! believe me, I’d rather nip it in the bud now, then have to wait…I get off work at 2100. 😦


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