And I got some treats today! woot 🙂

hubs called from work and I met him for a nice Mexican dinner. Where he gave me a cute Halloween tote filled with some fun stuff. Purrs perfume, orange nail polish, and a black crackle polish to go over it, and an iTune’s card. So I could download a book or some Halloween apps.

Yeah, it’s nice to get a bag of treats before the day! 🙂

Now, what do I have to do, not to get any tricks the day of? Well, I need to buckle down, and clean/organize my room. I need to go through my clothes and get them ready to go to the women’s shelter. I’ll wash and dry them, fold them up neatly and box them to go. That way they are ready to wear. Even though they’ve been in my drawers or closet, I’ll still wash them first.

So am I the only one that does a Fall cleaning?