I like it cold. I like it rainy. However today, my body isn’t feeling the like. It’s all brrrr and shivering, and spasming on me. UGH! 😦

I’ve been sitting here for the past couple of hours, rolling my neck side to side, and it’s still crackling, and it won’t stop hurting. waaaah 😦

But YAYAYAYAY! the elusive halloweenie plot bunneh has finally made an appearance. And I’ve started a trick or a treat story…your decision.

so back to writing while the bunneh is whispering in my ear.

And oooooh, heard about a new app for the iPad I have to get and then I’ll do a review. till later… Stay warm & dry! It’s 40 degrees and rainy rainy rainy.
which still, I really do LIKE!! 🙂