Weight; ugh and yay

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so a friend of mine won a surprise! And they didn’t fit her, so I am now the owner of some very nice, soft and lovely Victoria Secrets bras. woot! I’ve never been so happy to be a C cup. LOL I’ve lost quite a bit of weight, so they fit perfectly!

I’ve gone from a size 28 down to a size 18!! And the overall pounds lost in seven months so far is 75! go me!

Eating healthier, adding more walking to my day, and drinking two glasses of water for every cup of coffee I drink. Yeah. And then not stressing as much. Stress in my book, adds weight, messes up my sleep, gives me more fibro pain, and tends to cause me to eat-mindlessly munching on junkfood. So helping to keep stress at bay, has really helped. Ironic, because I facilitate stress relaxation techniques. However, I haven’t been doing what I talk about, until recently. And it does make a difference. There is truth in the practice what you preach, saying. lol 🙂

also packing a lunch, instead of going out for lunch everyday or what I’m guilty of…skipping lunch. There is truth about eating three meals a day. Just don’t overdo it. And add in some walking. Walking is very low impact exercise, and you can do it anywhere, without any fancy equipment, or paying ridiculous fees.


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so I stayed home and have cleaned some of my stuff…still have lots more to do, tomorrow.
There is a lot to do, and I’m moving slow. I think I slept wrong, or I have a new area that is acting up. owies! Anywho, Hubs came home and saw that I had been true to my word and cleaning. So I got a few treats. One I could eat, the others I get to wear!! ooooh pretty!

oh yeah, check out the nails. pretty? LOL 🙂

Trick or TREATS; Stargate


almost forgot….

And that’s it for the TREATS, for now…

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wow! those are a lot of very cool decorated cakes!! and now, I’m hungry! 🙂

I hope you think of using/searching for one of these for your party or kids, or what the heck, Yourself! 🙂

Happy Halloween!!

Trick or TREATS! Naughty Treats (erotic)

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Trick or TREATS! Misc fun treats

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Trick or TREATS! Tech and Twitter

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Trick or TREATS! Superheros

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Trick or TREATS! Totoro

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Trick or TREATS! Hello Kitty & Kitty

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