Earlier today I was having one of those, “I hate my life” moments. And then I realized I hadn’t eaten. I’m hypoglycemic, and when I start having negative moments, I look inside and feel what I’m feeling. Sure enough, I needed food. Because no matter what I was doing, it wasn’t good enough.

So we ran into some friends on our way to dinner, and she has the cutest lil granddaughter. Another Hello Kitty fan. She wants to dress up like Hello Kitty for Halloween. Awww!

We went to dinner and sure enough, after eating I started to feel better. I bought us some Starbuck’s after dinner, and then we went to walk around the mall for a bit. And that’s when we spotted it.
The cutest little Hello Kitty hat, scarf and mittens. Perfect for her!! We never know if it’s going to be cold on Halloween here or not. And bonus, she can wear them all winter.

We came back home, and took her her surprise. Kids are so cute! “Awwww, it’s pretty and perfect. And it has pink! I love Pink!” So I think we made a good choice. 🙂 And I’m feeling much better. Life is good.

And I have cleaned a bit of my room again today! Still have some to do, but I’ve put a good dent in it.

however the Fibro has decided to act up, weather appears to be changing again, and that’s when my joints, seem to hurt more. Cold, wet weather not the best. Which stinks, cause I like rainy and snowy weather. Yeah, I’m not the most popular person in the winter, “WoooHOOOO, SNOW! I love Snow!” LOL 🙂

And I had a lovely plot bunny whispering in my ear all night. So I’m off to go type up what I was writing at o’dark thirty in the middle of the night. 🙂 Writing, my happy place!!