I enjoy reading tech news, and this morning, I actually wanted to leave a comment. Imagine my surprise; log in with either your facebook or your twitter. Well that’s a problem, I don’t do Facebook, and I’m really no longer on Twitter.

That was my comment, I have noticed a considerable drop in my stress level, because I’m not checking in, having to tweet this or tweet that. I’ve never really been fond of facebook. Sure I’m probably missing out on some good deals. But why should I be punished for not being on a site, I don’t want to be. If a business values my business, it should be for my business. Not a profile page.

I see more and more trust issues come out over facebook stalking, yeah, how many of you have heard of that little practice? People not getting hired for a job, because of content that they have posted on their Facebook page, is it really worth not getting or losing a job? But seriously, the number one issue I have, is the amount of teens I see, speak with that are still being bullied on Facebook. To much drama for this peep!

Twitter, I do miss some of you. Really! But I do feel so much better since I’ve stopped tweeting. I’m more productive in my creative outlet, and I am way more social in rl now. I think that’s how it’s supposed to be too.