***omg, updated, I do know English. OY VEY! double negative anyone? LOL 🙂

I do enjoy what I do! Seriously!

the thing I don’t like, paperwork. Well that’s not true, either. I dislike being unable to finish my paperwork. Save and keep open, I have more than I like saved and kept open. Then there’s a few tx plans I need to do, those take a few moments to do…and then when I finish that paperwork, then there’s other required paperwork that has to be done. And going by how today went…oy vey! I have two scheduled back to back tomorrow. Not hard, not bad. But if I don’t get a chance to get my paperwork done. ……….. 😦

I’ve informed my supervisor, they understand. But they are still going to send me email reminders.

okay…let’s hope I can dig out of the hole by Friday. Cause I’m not coming in on the weekend. I’ll come in early. But I can’t stay late, by the time I am at the end of my shift, I’m barely functioning. My brain is fine, but the pain from holding it in, and tensing up muscles from stress, my Fibro is effing screaming tonight! On that lovely pain scale, I’m 10+!

I was practicing what I teach, but… when you’re moving, moving, moving, and get maybe a 15 minute lunch? Then oh yeah…I was ‘riding the wave’ (DBT skill) [memo to self, take comp time, that I won’t be able to use…]

still not reblogging much on Tumblr these days. Some things are just setting me off, the wrong way. So when that happens. I just don’t go there. lol

anywho…still staying strong on the blog a day, I noticed Monday’s do tend to be hard for me to blog on, first day of the work week, and depending on how it went…it’s woot or snore when I get home. lol Plus Monday’s I can write with my co-writer, he’s not in class!

till later, Peace!
Stay Calm and Hakuna Matata!