happy friday

I went to work feeling ucky, and it got worse.  My blood pressure went up, and my blood sugar dropped, fast! That was not good!! 😦 it actually scared me.

then somehow I fall into a wall. Stopped myself with my nose. Good news, it ain’t broke. Bad news, it hurts-and it is bruised. Awesome! 😦 (read sarcasm)

so I came home after doing a hospital consult. Well I asked my boss he said yes.

Came home, got some sleep, and yeah still feel ucky.

In other news, I found an old plot bunny story…but I promised my co-writer, we have to finish what we have in progress first. I’m still typing it up though. 🙂

And in slightly annoying news, I have been posting on Mondays!! but this date/time on here has been wrong. Course I can’t find a “HELP” contact anywhere. I have a few questions, and I’d like to have some support. This is how I tell if I want to actually pay for this blog or not??? so someone, anyone, wanna help?? How do I get to support??? Thank You!