okay, so I’ve had four TIA’s, and two strokes, and I have Fibromyalgia, which any and all of these conditions, affect cognitive memory functioning!!!!

so NO, I’m sorry I don’t always remember things. Which is why, if it’s “Important” I tend to write a note to remind myself. But if ‘you’ don’t tell me, it’s “Important” then how am I supposed to know that???

I do remember the basic stuff….but every twelve weeks, there is a shift, or a new procedure, and yeah, oops! some things get lost in translation, or quite frankly, I’ve forgotten. Don’t tell me, “We’ve gone over this before…” I know we have, just help refresh my memory! geeze…I’m sorry I have had strokes, TIA’s and fibro….this would be one of those things that the ADA mentions, reasonable accomodations- reasonably, you should be willing to remind me, and not yell at me for not remembering a trivial thingie. 😦

okay Vent over, please continue on with your scheduled day and Have a lovely one at that! TGIFF!

Ps-put Happy Birthday’s on here in the comments for my baby bro, it’s tmrw. 🙂 thank you!