And I’m not on call this weekend.

This morning has been an interesting morning. I’ve been speaking to 6th and 8th graders via speaker phone and answering questions. The coach said “I told them we’d ask an expert.” I thought that was very sweet, and the students were pleasant, even laughing at my silly joke, “Thank goodness I’m on speaker phone, my lipstick is all off this morning.” 🙂

Some days, I really enjoy my job. I enjoy teaching, sharing knowledge. Some days I wish I had gone the route of a school therapist. But…there’s always a chance for change. At the moment, no. But down the road, I keep an open mind. 🙂

And this weekend looks to be pretty, some chance of snow on Sunday. I’ll be watching it from inside the house. And I hope to get some other fun creative stuff done this weekend, as well as finishing up my ‘Fall Cleaning.’ Yeah…been procrastinating or my fibro pain has been off the scale.

And the countdown has begun; 19 days to Yule, 23 days to Christmas!
meh…I need to find some eggnog or something. lol