I’ve lost a friend, and a mentor. She was both.
There have been two women that I have admired and emulated; my paternal grandmother and this friend.
Both had impressive stats, My grandmother could speak over 100 languages, including different regional dialects, she was listed in the Who’s Who of Women, she held a few various degrees. And she was an awesome Grandmother.
My friend held three doctorates, English, Social Work, and Education. She was fluent in a few languages, and she was brilliant. Always had time for me, and anyone else that needed it. If she didn’t have an answer, she would find one for you.

Yeah, I miss her so much already. I haven’t stopped missing my grandmother either.

I strive to live my life the way I learned from my grandmother, and I think I’m doing a good job. But as she was always fond of saying, “There’s always room for improvement.” 😀

So go reach out and talk to your loved ones, give them a hug. Give your self a hug!!
And hugs from me!!