A friend of mine, has finally viewed my blog. YAY! & HI! 😀

and they are cracking up over my theme. As a fellow Star Trek geek, he’s saying it’s Orion Slave Girl theme. “Girl in Green” Get it? If yes, leave a comment, if no…no worries.

and btw, it’s still snowing. woohoo! I know, I know. *Smack* LOL 😀

and let the smacking commence

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just took a walk outside, and it’s snowing! yay!! 😀

Reindeer candy cane



How creative is this? Ok prob not up to Martha’s standards. But what the who. I like it. It’s cute & appears easy to do.

Now let’s see if I can find the time. 😀

I’m going to smacked…


But I wish it were snowing instead of raining. Snow, I can brush the flakes off of me. Rain, it goes right through my clothes. This is a cold wet that I can not seem to get warm from. And for those that have fibro, know exactly what number I’m at on the pain scale. Wet cold, is the worse for me. And brrr! I am shivering in my office.
on the plus side, one of my colleagues just gave me a brownie and some coffee. ahh, that’s sweet! 😀

I’ve also been sitting here typing up one of those “Seasonal greeting” letters, you know the type, what we’ve been doing, what’s going on, etc. I always hated those when I was younger. However now with a lack of time, I totally get it. Speaking of time, I’ll be posting a pic next. Such a cute lil idea. But we’ll see if I get the energy/time to do a few to hand out. otherwise, it’s the thought that counts, right? LOL 😀

stay warm and dry!

It’s Monday & what a good Monday it is too.


This morning we paid our final installment on our house! 😀 It’s ours!! WOOT!

And I’m at work, loading up my schedule with intakes. I really enjoy doing intakes.
Plus it makes my day go by faster. I’m on nights this week. And I’m on-call overnight on Sunday. And then back on days. I don’t mind being on overnights, just not the night I am to get up early to get to work. ah, it is what is, I’ll deal. 🙂

so hope all of you are having a good Monday too!

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