Have exploded!

‘fans’ of our stories, have heard a rumor that we are working on a Holiday story. Yes, it’s true! Rumor confirmed-you heard it here first. LOL 😀

But now with the music I’ve been listening to, and the other holiday music around here, I seem to have plot bunnies showing up left and right, twinkly lights, jingle bells, the whole kit and kaboodle. And the lil Angus plot bunny is running around with a sprig of mistletoe! lol (For those that are writers of fic-you’ll totally understand what I’m saying.)

so now then, which Christmas tune do I use-loosly as a basis for some fun and silliness? I’m thinking the twelve days.

You’ll know first, well okay, maybe third, if this works or not? LOL 😀

Peace, and stay warm, it’s 32 degrees here now, and getting colder. Brr!