and this is dangerous! lol 😀

remember, I’ve said presents aren’t necessary, but I’m a girl. And I do like presents. If I don’t get any…no biggie! (ok, maybe a lil biggie)LOL 😀
but I can always get things for myself too.
and now onto the wish list…will be updated through the day. 😀

Cat & Sofa Charm

Snake Charm

Reach for the Stars charm

Coffee cup charm

Gold Heart


Happy Buddha

Eiffel Tower

Statue of Liberty

Floral Goddess

For pet families; Gold Heart with Paw

OKAY! I’ve found some of these beads for $1.99 in the clearance section…. I could be in biiiig trouble. lol 😀 Clearance Charms
ps- I LOVE THAT MY LINKS WORK NOW!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO! (can you tell I’m excited?)