This is not a serious blog. It has moments of seriousness, but like me. It has moments of silliness and fun too! When I have to be serious, you want me on your side. But when you need a giggle or a gut busting laugh, you want me there too.

so yeah, my posts reflect me. Some are serious insights of a personal nature- my growth. Some are silly stuff that I find amusing. Some are conversation starters, and others just what’s happening at the mo.

So if you wanted a cooking, photography, book reviews, etc. Sorry! But you might see some of that if you stick with me long enough. Okay, really I don’t cook. Unless I want to see the Fire Department at my house. But I do bake!! Photography, yeah, I do do that. And I am a NAPP professional Photoshop retoucher/manipulator. Ask questions, I used to train too. Books, well if you like what I read, sure-I’ll give a review or two a shot!!

Have a great day! Enjoy!!