ummm….oh my…


I love reading, different mytho’s is one of my fave genre’s, taking classic myths and updating them.

So I am really looking forward to checking these out, and then OH MY! The movie.

Yeah, I think Hugh Jackman is dreamy…and he sings and dances, and dudes- He’s the Wolverine! lmao 😀
okay, yeah the inner fangirl geeka is all a twitter patted.

so check this out: Rise of the Guardians

okay the books are geared towards Children…but still… 😀
Guardian books by William Joyce

Like Dali?

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Check this out: Cool Bronze Dali

Click the above link, to purchase, if you want. I just think this is an awesome piece of art, that is also practical. I would love to own this! 😀


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I think I have finally found a theme that I like!

And this one allows me to play around a little bit more; background image and a header, that still keeps the main focal item solid. So YAY!! 😀

Anywho, doctored up the Header really quick, hope ya’ll like. And woohoo! This theme, I can customize for New Year’s too!!!

sweet!! 😀


3 Healthy Ways to Kick Caffeine


3 Healthy Ways to Kick Caffeine.

okay, I think this is blasphemy… 😉 but yeah, to much caffeine is not good for you. So please go check this article out!




Woohoo! Cookies & fresh coffee!

It’s the little things….

plot bunnies are multiplying…back you lil furballs!


So hello fellow writers, do you have plot bunnies?

if you do, than you will totally get the next bit and hopefully find it as humorous as I do.

Some ppl have one or two adorable little plot bunnies. I have a herd. Yes, a HERD!! And they like to dress up-as the characters in the stories. And they have their little personalities too.

Earlier today, my co-writer sent an innoculous email. And two of my plot bunnies spontaneously combusted! And the rest were going freakin’ nuts! If you have seen Wallace & Grommit’s the Were-Rabbit, you have a clue. They are the cutest lil furballs of cotton fluff. Until they are in dramatic, meltdown mode. And omg, the story idea’s that they are giving me now. LMAO 😀

So anywho…if you don’t write, do not know the term plot bunny. Please, I’m not losing it. Seriously, Google Plot Bunny. Honest! It’s there, heck they even have images of plot bunnies. lol 😀

And now, I’m going back to work, and hoping the lil fluffy furballs calm down. A few of the ideas are brilliant, while a few are-‘Oh I’m not touching that with a ten foot pole.’

Hope your Friday has been lovely!!

more internet wish shopping/surfing


like omg, I need this. NO seriously, I need this. But of course, I have the original iPad, and mine is out of stock….ack!
Think Geek Bluetooth Ipad Keyboard/case

***updated; just noticed it would be in in 1-3 weeks. Okay, not the end of my world. lol Santa, I’ve been good. Especially today, I swear!! Please!!!

Happy Friday!

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