So hello fellow writers, do you have plot bunnies?

if you do, than you will totally get the next bit and hopefully find it as humorous as I do.

Some ppl have one or two adorable little plot bunnies. I have a herd. Yes, a HERD!! And they like to dress up-as the characters in the stories. And they have their little personalities too.

Earlier today, my co-writer sent an innoculous email. And two of my plot bunnies spontaneously combusted! And the rest were going freakin’ nuts! If you have seen Wallace & Grommit’s the Were-Rabbit, you have a clue. They are the cutest lil furballs of cotton fluff. Until they are in dramatic, meltdown mode. And omg, the story idea’s that they are giving me now. LMAO 😀

So anywho…if you don’t write, do not know the term plot bunny. Please, I’m not losing it. Seriously, Google Plot Bunny. Honest! It’s there, heck they even have images of plot bunnies. lol 😀

And now, I’m going back to work, and hoping the lil fluffy furballs calm down. A few of the ideas are brilliant, while a few are-‘Oh I’m not touching that with a ten foot pole.’

Hope your Friday has been lovely!!