Last week, I had a bit of a scare, and I was intending on going to the ER. But then…I didn’t.

I had woken up, and got right out of bed. Now as most Chronic pain sufferers know, that’s usually not possible. I have fibro. I normally have to coax my body to get up and out of bed.

Then I got in my car and drove to work, after my morning ritual, duh. Any who when I got there, my legs refused to cooperate to get out of the car. So I pounded my one leg, and felt pain, waited a few minutes and then got out.

Later that day, I had been sitting in my office, and went to get up to go get some coffee. Again, my legs didn’t want to do it! So this time I pounded on both of them. Yeah, stupid, I know. But I at least wanted to know if I could feel. I finally realized that the constant pain in my lower back was GONE! Okay. Some would be thrilled by this. Me, I was scared. I’ve never not had this pain, since my helicopter accident. It’s always been there. And then add that into my legs didn’t want to work, and you see where I’m going?

It got better by the next day, pain returned and my legs worked.

Now this morning, I’ve noticed the pain is there, not as bad. And my legs are acting wonky again. Like I really have to concentrate putting one foot in front of the other. I’ve been walking since I was one. This is kind of annoying. And really, it’s scaring me more, than it’s annoying. I wish the VA would get off it’s tuckus, and get me my tests for MS. One of my doctor’s diagnosed me with it, but oh yeah, NO tests. So it’s what we in the medical profession call a R/O=rule out. I want this ruled out. I think this is an after effect of my stroke combined with my fibro. Either way, I just want to know. And how often is this going to happen? Where I have to pinch or pound my legs to get them to work.

Anyone out there ever heard of something similiar? Please leave a comment. Thank you!
Have a beautiful Monday!

ps- send spoons! 😀