okay, so yeah, that’s my emote for breasts/boobs.
and most of my friends are guys! lol but I am still amazed some days at the Power of Booblage! honesty, ask a girl who has an A cup, I’m sure that they get it.

It just cracks me up.
And it’s not just my guy friends, or guys in general, I’ve even seen women be overcome by them. “OMG! They are huge, do they have their own zip code?”

Yes, I’ve heard that line to my friend who has ( . )( . ) big boobs!

somedays I’ll admit I’m jealous. Other’s, with my migraines and back issues, and Fibro. Naaah, I’ll stick with what Nature blessed me with. It’s not omg mama! But it’s good! LOL

and yeah…I’m trying to keep light on what I post…nothing to serious, till after the holidays! then watch out! LOL
As I’ve told/warned my friends, my smartass button is stuck in the “ON” position. just FYI!

Hope you all are having a lovely day! so how many is done with their shopping? I have one or two things to get yet, and dangit! I need to remember to get plates for the party tomorrow, or else….EEPS!
quick; someone text me a reminder! LOL 🙂