so I have not posted an entry in a few days, at first it was on purpose. Holiday time, I usually stay off the puter. However this time it was for different reasons. Seems a family member is having a mental meltdown.

I’m waiting on the word to do what must be done. I don’t have to like it, but in the long run, it will be the more effective and faster method of getting this person the help they need. No. I don’t do therapy on my family. I refer them to other therapists. However, I am the one that knows the in’s and out’s of our system. So when it’s necessary, I’ll step up to do the legal stuff.

So, I hope everyone has had a very Merry and safe, drama free Holiday! My new gravatar is an image of a doll that I received for Christmas! My character, Briana Storm, is a hybrid of a human/Ki’Taran, so the person that got me the doll knows how much this means to me!! 🙂 (Ki’Tarans are also my creation. LOL)

We’re, my co-writer and I, are finishing up our Holiday story today. Once it’s beta’d (proof-read), it will be on the Plot Bunny site. I’m looking into buying a premium theme for that site. I found one that I love, Chapters! I think it would be perfect for that site. And I’ve redone the theme on here to reflect the next holiday!!

Hope ya’ll enjoy! Have a safe and happy day!
me I’m writing!!