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okay I have an issue with spelling! most all of my friend’s know that…

I used to have an issue with proofreading an email, making corrections in red, and then sending the corrected version back to the sender. Uh yeah!! I’m surprised I still have friends. lol 😀

I have stopped doing that. But on my own posts…yeah, I will drive myself nuts, spell checking. So when I signed onto my site from work this morning, and saw the old header with a big typo-spelling, I was like OMG! How did I miss THAT!

so I’m home and I have fixed it. No, it wasn’t the first thing I did. I’ve been doing other stuff, so I know I’m not as bad as I used to be. Bad still, but not all that bad. I mean, I no longer call stores, and tell them to go out and fix their signage. Yeah, been there, called it in. OY!!

and it’s funny when I IM with my best friend, I don’t care if we have typos, I’m usually tired, or my CTS is acting up, and whatever? We’re chatting…let it go. Sure, if I was really ‘on’ I’d be like, omg. And I have apologized for constant typo’s. But he gets me. I ramble on IM’s like I do in rl. LOL 😀

so anywho, it’s fixed. I am feeling better. Now, to go finish the proofreading of our story, and hopefully post it tonight. But no promises, my colleague at work was on vacation today, and I was busy. I’m mentally tired. Actually…I would rather go write on a wip, and proof this story-when I am more alert to do it. I hate not giving 100% to an endeavor. Which reminds me, I was discussing my work ethic with my boss today. I had a late lunch, and instead of taking an hour, I took the half hour I had left. It surprised him, if you take a late lunch and nothing is going on, take your full hour! I just about passed out. He realizes our job is stressful, and I need that full hour to decompress. So woot!! 😀

Ya’ll have a lovely evening. I’m enjoying the lovely snow that fell today. Time to go have some hot chocolate, and fire up my co-writer. “YOU READY, PINKY? Time to rum….write! not rumble. What? Oh yeah, maybe rumble our unruly plot bunnies!” LOL 😀

OMG! I need this coffee mug: Yes, they are usually doing the plot bunny dance on my head at that time.

I keep telling you all, there are plot bunny images on the internet. This is one of my favorites! 😀

and even videos??

oy I was tired…


so I’m looking at my site at work, when something stands out to me!
omg! I’ll fix it tonight when I’m at home.

really ironic for this to be on my site. I’m not going to point it out, but let’s see by the comments who gets it. 😀

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