okay I have an issue with spelling! most all of my friend’s know that…

I used to have an issue with proofreading an email, making corrections in red, and then sending the corrected version back to the sender. Uh yeah!! I’m surprised I still have friends. lol 😀

I have stopped doing that. But on my own posts…yeah, I will drive myself nuts, spell checking. So when I signed onto my site from work this morning, and saw the old header with a big typo-spelling, I was like OMG! How did I miss THAT!

so I’m home and I have fixed it. No, it wasn’t the first thing I did. I’ve been doing other stuff, so I know I’m not as bad as I used to be. Bad still, but not all that bad. I mean, I no longer call stores, and tell them to go out and fix their signage. Yeah, been there, called it in. OY!!

and it’s funny when I IM with my best friend, I don’t care if we have typos, I’m usually tired, or my CTS is acting up, and whatever? We’re chatting…let it go. Sure, if I was really ‘on’ I’d be like, omg. And I have apologized for constant typo’s. But he gets me. I ramble on IM’s like I do in rl. LOL 😀

so anywho, it’s fixed. I am feeling better. Now, to go finish the proofreading of our story, and hopefully post it tonight. But no promises, my colleague at work was on vacation today, and I was busy. I’m mentally tired. Actually…I would rather go write on a wip, and proof this story-when I am more alert to do it. I hate not giving 100% to an endeavor. Which reminds me, I was discussing my work ethic with my boss today. I had a late lunch, and instead of taking an hour, I took the half hour I had left. It surprised him, if you take a late lunch and nothing is going on, take your full hour! I just about passed out. He realizes our job is stressful, and I need that full hour to decompress. So woot!! 😀

Ya’ll have a lovely evening. I’m enjoying the lovely snow that fell today. Time to go have some hot chocolate, and fire up my co-writer. “YOU READY, PINKY? Time to rum….write! not rumble. What? Oh yeah, maybe rumble our unruly plot bunnies!” LOL 😀

OMG! I need this coffee mug: Yes, they are usually doing the plot bunny dance on my head at that time.

I keep telling you all, there are plot bunny images on the internet. This is one of my favorites! 😀

and even videos??