I’ve had a very quiet day today!
Fibro pain has been a 2 on the 10 pt scale. So that’s a good start to the New Year. At least imo.
And I’m being a bad Irish descendant, I’m having Zataran’s Dirty Rice! LOL They are available in microwavable form. YAY! Know what I’ll be buying for Mardi Gras’ night! LOL 😀

other than all this excitement. I’m still proofing the story. Fibro pain down, migraine on the rise. Wish my head and body would get on the same wavelength. And I’ve been playing on my facebook page. Yeah, I know. Never say never. The only way I’ve been able to keep in touch with some people. And keep up with what’s going on in their lives. As they don’t seem able to open up an email???? I can open up and do a status, but email?? NO! sighs! oh well. Better to have some contact then none at all. 😀

Look for that silver lining! 😀

so I hope everyone has had a good first day of 2012! 😀
I truly hope all of my friends and family are still safe and sound.
Take care! till later, PEACE & HUGS