of some digital colors I’ve done. I don’t share the b&w lineart! Learned my lesson, the hard way. But yes, these were originally in black & white. I added the colors. These two; Captain Briana Storm (C) Me! And Commander McGuire (C) Project Stig Productions.

A piece to commemorate the start of the relationship. LOL

From the Wedding reception, a picture of the Happy Couple sharing the first dance.

another piece of the Happy Couple. 😀

And one of my favorites, that Stig had done of his character, Commander McGuire.

and a random fun piece I enjoyed digitally coloring. Briana, with some ‘fan service’ dressed as a maid. LOL 😀

Need something digitally colored, leave a comment. I’m having a special on pricing. Simple lineart $10. 😀