I’m all for helping family out. If they need a place to stay, help them get back on their feet, etc.

However, if they are not helping take care of the house, or even trying to help pay the bills. It’s time to push them out of the nest!

I hear from friends that ‘so and so’ is here. They have been eating me out of house and home. They don’t clean or pick up after themselves. And now, they got arrested for this or that, and want me to help pay for their probation, court, classes, etc.

UH NO! Time to practice “Tough LOVE” time to show them where the local shelter is. Show them to Unemployment services, that if a person needs it, Vocational Rehabilitation is now in the same building.

There is being a nice, caring, compassinate person, and being a doormat! Stop being a doormate! You really are not helping this person out. You are rewarding them for thier bad behavior. As I’ve been told, love the person, hate the behavior. So if you want that behavior to change, then you need to show them the negative consequences of their behavior.

Otherwise…next thing you know…you’ll be wondering how you ended up homeless, owing money you don’t remember getting, and multiple health issues from the stress.

People. Please take care of yourselves first, you can’t help anyone if you are sick.

thank you for listening, hopefully this helps someone. You aren’t a bad person, for sending your friends and family to the correct resources to help them. It’s not your fault that they are in the jam they find themselves in. Offer what you can! Not what you can’t!