Are you pinning?


So a few days ago, a lovely friend sent me an invite to Pinterest. What harm could possibly happen?? LOL 😀

Next then you know, I’ve got 8 Boards, and since then I’ve added some more. I’ve lost track of what I’ve repinned. the cartoon below, is fairly accurate!! 😀

And then, I couldn’t keep this to myself…oh no! So I’ve invited a few friends, and I think that they wanna smack me. First Tumblr-reblogging like a boss, and now Pinterest-repinning like a Boss! LOL

in my defense, pinning things is a lot easier than storing all of these pix for reference on my hard drive. Here they are neatly sorted onto my boards, and kept online.

if you haven’t been on pinterest…you have two choices: 1)see what all the fuss is about. 2)Run NOW! it can be very uh, addictive…

If you’re brave enough: Pinterest

Enjoy!! Leave a comment, so I can follow you. 🙂
and for the iPhone/iPad people, yes there is an app for that!! I know, I have it! It’s FREE! 😀


public convo’s that should be private


I keep telling my friends that common sense is a dying art!

I just got the evilest look, and told a few choice words. But get this, it wasn’t my fault.

If (generalized) YOU are going to sit in a public place, and have an intimate conversation, argument, or discuss your bank numbers- (&OMG!) your security pass code…then guess what? Some one is going to listen in. I admit I was somewhat amused…and if I were an unscrupolous person, I could totally wipe out her bank acct. I have the numbers and the pass words.

so…if you don’t want someone giggling at you, for the failure of usage of the English language, couldn’t even yell correctly in public. (I understand that some people pronounce, Bitch, Biatch…but omg! You should’ve heard her!! Then you’d get that statement-she was totally butchering the English language.) And you don’t want your bank acct wiped out. Then STOP discussing this crappola in public. I mean Really?!?
Don’t yell at me, when YOU are the one giving me the entertainment in public. And the rest of the people sitting around, who are also giggling. (& writing down your bank numbers, and the pass words. dumbass)

I mean, really. Use some common sense, you don’t rattle off your banking information in public, with your passwords. If you’re going to have it out over the phone with someone, then go to your car, so it’s semi-private.
But if you’re going to do all of this in a PUBLIC FORUM! then you get what happens to you. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. (Physics people) lol

ps- updated for spelling…oops! it was on the go…

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