I came home last night, and promptly went to bed. I woke up at 3am, apparently something I had done earlier in the day, affected me more than I thought.

So I walked around the house, fixed me some milk, and finally got back to sleep. I then woke around noon, and just laid around for a bit.

I got a phone call to meet hubs for dinner, after he got off of work. And then he surprised me. As he picked up me up some new and really cute/stylish outfits for work. A lot of red. He thinks I need more red in my wardrobe. And I’m not going to argue. He went and got these for me. Nice! 😀

Dinner was good. If you live in or near, Marion, Indiana. I can recommend Casa Brava as a really good, authentic Mexican restaurant. The music was a little louder than usual, but…the food was excellent. I love their Queso!! mmmm good stuff!

And then when we got home, I hung up my presents, turned on the main comp, and started working on a new art piece I’ve received!! It’s OMG Awesome! And perfect for a story we’re working on!! I can’t wait to finish both of them, now!!

And now, I’m laying in bed, on the laptop, and writing!! Great end to a pretty good lazy day!!