Let me start this post by saying, I have other tattoos, and they have never had this problem. OMG! 😦

My hand hurts. 😦 And my new tat is infected bad enough that I needed antibiotics. That’s scary!! I’ve never had an infection from a tattoo before. And I am doing what needs to be done, proper care and management. so….????

if this pic bothers you, sorry…but some ppl need to see what an infected/scarred tattoo looks like. Plus, it is starting to show, just how scarred I am!! Again, I have other tattoo’s and never scarred like this???

uh needless to say, I will NOT be going back to this studio. And the hubs was very happy with his tat, and the artist that did his. I say, have the guy do the touch ups on the side. Not giving this studio any business. oy vey!!

Again, I have other tattoo’s, I’m not afraid to get another one. However, I will be going elsewhere.
Hubs is beside himself, he’s the one that talked me into going to this studio. And his tat is doing great. We’re both treating them the same. So how did one, get infected??? Why is one scarred, so bad? My skin is raised. It’s like an embossed card, to describe for those that aren’t sure what I mean.

so advice. Be sure to thoroughly check a studio out. See if you can see other customer’s works, see if they would recommend this artist or not? Look at the artist’s area, is it clean? Etc. Common sense. I had done the inspection. Everything was clean, and sterile. I think I know where the problem came from. And he should have said something.

anywho, sorry about the squicky pic. But it is warranted to help other’s avoid a costly mistake, tattoo under $40, Antibiotics $18.00, and then the Doctor’s fee!! I didn’t want to wait four hours at the VA ER. oy….
Please take care!!
stay warm, here in Central Indiana it’s snowing!! YAY!! but the road conditions are very slick. So if you live in Indiana, please please do slow down, watch the road/weather conditions.