okay so in good news; My tattoo infection is going away. But there’s no ink to be seen, just a scar. 😦

and then yesterday was Friday the 13th, now, I’m not superstitious. But oh for the love of…I had an accident. I made it to work just fine, and then when I was exiting my vehicle…. I put my foot out first, and was preparing to stand, when it slid out from under me, I went to go catch/stop my fall, and placed my right hand down to stop me. Remember left has an infection. And I looked like I was playing Twister, one leg twisted on the ground outside the car, one leg half in the car twisted, and my hand…OW!!!

so when I could finally get with someone to send me to get checked out. I had broken my right index finger. Yeah, left hand infected, right hand with a broken finger. OY VEY!! Really??? Well at least my sense of humor isn’t broken.

photo of the left hand, first pic, what the tattoo is supposed to look like- from when it was done.
second, the infection. third, it’s healing, but where did the ink go?

take care!! send bubble wrap. lol