“Why should I blog?” “What is a blog?” “How do I blog?” “Where do I go?”

First from wikipedia, Blogging that explains what it is.

How do you blog? Well I think that’s personal. Do you want to share your knowledge? Talk about things that you find interesting? Health, sports, rants, political, the sky is the limit. Me, I blog about what every strikes my fancy at the moment. Like this writing. I’m not overly serious, or overly bitchy, or overly whatever. I’m interesting-well I think I am. And I started blogging to stay in touch with friends. Those that don’t email, im, etc. But do read stuff on the web. It, blogging started out as a what am I doing thing. Now…I think I’ve improved. Adding in information now and then. And not getting overly serious. As I tell people, if you want a political blog, go elsewhere. But if you are patient who knows, I might ramble on about something you want to know too.

Where to blog at? There are quite a few free blogging sites, I’ve tried some of them, this is one of two that I like!! What keeps me here? The ability to personal my theme. And follow other bloggers that I enjoy reading. I wish all my friends would blog on wordpress! It would def be easier to follow them.

so what are you waiting for? I know you have something to say, so start blogging.
btw, word of advice, if you are looking to be the blog of the moment, please…think logically. there are a bazillion blogs out there. Blog because you want to, not that you’re going to be famous. Sorry, it’s not going to happen. I blog for me, friends, and some family members. But the number one person is me. I want to remember what was happening. Pix of my adventures, my story.

Laters…I”m going to go write and maybe play Vampire Wars. Yeah, the one game on Facebook I’m addicted to. lol 🙂