I used to like Gmail’s old slogan, “SO much space, you won’t need to delete.”


yeah, okay, right! Until you hit 97%, “Please empty some of your mail, or you will not be able to send or receive.”

and then I emptied, and emptied, and emptied. Got to 80%. Argh!! where is the rest????

I found it!! Thank you, David!! in the “ALL MAIL!” and omg, some of these were mail items I deleted(!) from my apps on the i phone and the iPad. so WTH?

This morning I started with: 11,996 that was in ALL MAIL- some of those, as I said, had been previously deleted.

I am now done to; drum roll please!! 202

I deleted at the time earlier; 11796

I am finally down to 7%!!!

but I have learned an important lesson. Do not assume that because you delete it on the go, that it is really deleted.

And then I’ve just about deleted two of my five groups, three of them will not be deleted. One is a VIP Invitation only, the other is for my work-paintings, and the third is the Briana fan club. semi-exclusive. 😀

so I’ve been doing some digital cleaning today and feeling better. Less clutter for me to wade through. And I’ve been unsubbing from newsletters, other groups, and miscellaneous erroneous stuff! I have plenty of other stuff I need to do online, not wade through all this crappola.

I’m feeling pretty good right now! lol

so if you’re getting close to your email limits, look at your “ALL MAIL” and see what’s there. I’ve even deleted, old sent messages. Like 2009-early 2011. If no one has replied by now, they aren’t going to.