and yes, I tested my theory about the deletions on the iPhone and the iPad. And sure enough, they ended up in my all mail, NOT deleted!! hopefully this info helps someone else.

and today started out not quite busy, but it started with a “Hello!” and ended the same for me. I like it when it’s a steady amount of work. Controlled Chaos, not so much. That’s when it’s omg busy! And I’m needing help.

but today was good. And tmrw it’s Wednesday. and don’t worry, I’m not going to break into song, yet…LOL 🙂

so back to writing, and hopefully, my spotty internet connection cooperates for a bit. I was freaking out earlier…but I’m good now. lol

so till later, stay warm!! Drive carefully! No texting or talking while driving. Thank you!! Click it or get a ticket!

okay, think I covered that all. lol Laters